Scoutmaster’s Minute

Troop 54 just attended the Patriots Path Black River Klondike Derby.  The Klondike Derby is a series of stations that test and reaffirm a Scout's basic Scouting skills.  They use sleds to pull their equipment from station to station and compete against other Boy Scout Troops.  This year's Klondike had some great weather, reaching almost 50 degrees during the day.  The Scouts in Troop 54 had a great time and did very well in the competition, reaching every station before the end of the day.  They also did very well at the Fire Building station, not only getting the fire started for the first time and cooking the noodle in the allotted time, they also started the fire with a flint and steel.  The Scouts are already thinking about where they need to improve for next year's Klondike Derby.

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